Life Update #2

Well spring has definitely sprung…

Being a first time horse owner and a complete beginner has definitely been a struggle but i think i may have kicked spring in the butt!

Realising that the grass is so much greener and making Amy crazy if done my research and with a little bit of help from my friends this is how I’ve stopped springs nasty affects on my horses behaviour..

First up i want to give a big shout out to Julie Duffy who has been sending me some tips and little riding plans so i can get Amy back into work.

Following this blog post i will be doing a post about what i feed Amy and why (also including how I’ve kicked springs affects in the butt) and then i will have a short and sweet post about an amazing experience/session we had with a beautiful lady called Emma who helps you connect and speak with your animal.

Amy and myself have definitely grown together in the last few weeks with all our groundwork and riding together. Ive seen a big leap in my confidence and also seen so much improvement with Amy’s riding and she is certainly getting more of a personality! Apart from working my butt off, saving money and looking after my grandparents dog while they are away on a cruise i have also been sewing a few things for Amy one in which i posted on the facebook page earlier this week.

It’s also Amy’s birthday on the 22nd of October and i want to do something fun for her any ideas??

Ive also heard back from the organisers of equitana and i have finally got my draft roster so if you are going make sure you let me know and if you see me there be sure to come over and say hi! Ill be out in the crowd helping horses, vehicles and you guys cross areas safely. My shifts are in the morning 8am-1pm so I’d love to catch up or meet any of you in anyone is heading there.

A little update on Amy’s foot..

Her foot has healed amazingly and i am so happy with how it is looking not that looks are important but I didn’t expect it to look this great! She has had no signs of pain while riding and no heat either so thats a really big plus!

I hope you are all enjoying this crazy October weather (In victoria that is) and i cant wait to hear your thoughts and opinions on my blog post to follow this one!

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Sixteen Hands Candle Co

Boy oh boy are these candles amazing!

Before you read any further yes this is semi sponsored… I mean this in the way that I reached out to this company and they sent me 3 candles and one sample I paid shipping costs (from California) and in return I would do a blog post BUT I may have fallen in love. I love candles but usually forget to burn them lol but these amazing candles have given me motivation 😂

The sample I received was “heels down” after smelling this bad boy I went back on to their shop and purchased a load of melts and one other candle hence the use of ‘semi sponsored’ and I hadn’t even burned any of the original ones yet!

I marched off to Kmart and got myself a $3 wax burner and went right back home to start burning my heels down scent it filled my room and the scent has lingered overnight. The reason I reached out to this company is because of how they are made, the packaging let’s be real it’s bloody cute!


But also where the money goes.. we all know competing is expensive and all the things that go with it so the money you use to purchase theses amazing candles with goes towards the young creators entry fees and such so she can go to events and compete! Now that’s smart and she is doing something she loves to fund something else she loves!

Win Win..

Now the prices are in USD and unfortunately the shipping is uber expensive but if you are interested in purchasing one of these delicious candles I may be able to organise a bulk order if enough people are interested

If you do happen to go through her reviews please kindly ignore the one about the candle filling a lady’s house with soot and leaving her surfaces covered in a black layer of soot because it’s totally not true at all!!

I also want to point out that the sent “wash rack” smells way better once it’s burning it’s very strong but once you are burning it the scent is ever so delightful!!

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Life Update

Well I’m not going to lie the blog has definitely been put on the back burner or a while now, but now its time to get the shit together and continue what I started.

This year has been a complete and utter whirlwind. The whole reason i started this blog was so that i could not only share my journey in the ‘equestrian’ world but to also show others its okay to feel like you are asking a silly question i mean i thought there was something wrong with my horses leg and yet she just had it fully extended… unfortunately not all of the equestrian community make you feel like you can ask those types of questions (no offence intended) i want this to be a safe place for you to laugh with me or at me.

As of late due to Amy’s injury I haven’t been as focused on the blog and uploading content clearly…

At the moment Amy is doing wonderful, no lameness and no proud flesh appeared which was fantastic news for us! Amy is very active and hasn’t let this injury stop her. Amy now has no dressings on (made the call myself) and is enjoying daily free grazing and the ability to enjoy a bigger space as i have opened up the large part of the holding yard for her to use.

Amy also received a well earned massage and some acupuncture from the amazing Jill Steptoe!

If you are following us on facebook (link will be below) you will know that i was also looking for a home for princess pip, pip is an amazing horse and was an amazing companion to Amy but after Amy’s injury it wasn’t fair on her or financially reasonable to keep pip. The search for a new home for pip was hard and took up a lot of my time but as of Thursday 16/08/2018 pip is finally getting the love and attention she really deserves! I do miss having her come up to the gate each morning and her little bit of attitude but i am getting daily updates from her new forever home and she is being treated to hard feed morning and night and also 24/7 access to hay she has 3 other horses to play with and also a mini Shetland and 5 orphan sheep and not to mention the amazing views of the bay she has right at her gate. I will continue to post and update everyone of pip and how she is doing as after all she was apart of our little family and brought lots of smiles and laughter into our homes.

Durning the search for pips new home i also was looking for something new and exciting that being a full time job! I had a few interviews and finally got offered a position which is located close to home, i am now working as a full time stable hand and also still working my equestrian centre job and disability support job on the side which is another reason the blog has been lacking posts but once i am completely settled in, organised and rested there will be more content, On that note if you haven’t already definitely check out our Instagram where i have been posting on my story daily and also have started doing some live videos! (Link down below)

So with all that said and done here are some pictures of the last month and a bit to catch you all up!

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Lots of love and kisses,

Mariah and Amy xox

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Week Two -Amy’s Injury-


Can you believe it has been 2 weeks?!

Day eight, nine and ten

Amy continued to get injections morning and night from Jenny until our giant pincushion decided she no longer wanted to play nice and decided to pin her ears back and Jenny and try to bite her so Jenny and i made the call to stop with the injections (she only had around 1 day worth left) after asking the vet if this was okay we stopped the injections and i continued with the 5ml of bute in the mornings going one day without antibiotics (day ten).

Day eleven

I started Amy on her powdered antibiotics and continued with her 5ml of bute. The antibiotics (sulprim) is morning and night 2.5 large scoops into damp chaff, i was actually worried that she wouldn’t eat her feed because of the different taste but there was no fussing from our little fighter!

Day twelve and thirteen

Amy’s still go no lameness and is putting all her weight on her foot! I don’t know how but she still isn’t bored of that little space although she does smell like wee because she has been laying down on the sand which she also uses as a toilet.. i mean it is tight quarters in there!

Some exciting news… this is something not most horse owners get too excited about but certainly owners of horses who are off the track would understand, AMY NOW EATS CARROTS!!! This is thanks to Charlotte who just brought her very own horse who is now in the paddock next to the girls and he didn’t want to eat his carrot so Charlotte gave it to Amy who she said dropped it out of her mouth, this is typical of Amy who hates them but as i walked over to her she was munching on it so i raced off to the shed to get another carrot and sure enough she now loves carrots.


Day fourteen

Okay so 2 weeks since the injury and we had the vet out again for her check up and bandage change and here’s the latest…

For starters still no proud flesh pushing out on the stitches and all the stitches are still in, there was however still liquid coming from somewhere and he was hoping there would be none by this stage but in saying that he wasn’t to concerned. He also asked me to walk her so he could see her movement and then he asked me to trot her up… you read right he asked me to trot her up and after doing so he said the words “SHE LOOKS SOUND” i mean OMG… this made me so happy BUT I don’t want to get to excited yet because anything can happen and I don’t want to set myself up for any disappointment.


The vet has decided to keep the stitches in for another week and see how they go and also the bandages, he did say at this point he would like to be changing them every second day but would rather see how she goes for another week, this also being because Amy is a bit of a kicker so having to sedate her each time isn’t fair on her or the budget which we are yet to find out… we have also been given the okay to do daily hand walking for 10-15 minutes so she can eat some grass but if she begins to get pushy she goes back into her little area as we don’t want her injuring herself any further or slowing down her recovery.


Week One -Amy’s Injury-

As most of you may know Amy had a rather big accident recently, I have been giving up dates via the facebook page and will continue to do so but will also give a summary of each week following everything from what she is eating, doing, feeling and any vet information. This blog post will however be a longer one as it will be a little bit of a story time post as well (bare with me)

I would also say sit down and get comfortable, grab a cup of tea and maybe a biscuit or two but only if you are okay with blood as there is a picture that will be included that has a lot of blood.


On Saturday morning (23/06/2018) I had just finished feeding the girls and I was ready to head off to work. Amy decided that she wanted to have a taste of pip’s feed and so i decided to move it so they couldn’t see each other. All was well and then amy decided to kick out like her usual self running around like a crazy mare but she kicked to close to the shed and her hoof struck the shed there was no join so she actually put a hole right through it and then pulled it out, it all seemed to happen in slow motion and then she galloped off, after she galloped off i noticed something on the shed and you guessed it, it was blood.


(Picture of the shed)

Amy then came bounding past me with a loud squishing sound and blood pouring out everywhere, i grabbed the first aid kit and my phone and messaged our agistment owner Jenny “i need help” while Jenny came down i chased amy around the paddock and into a small yard meanwhile her foot was actually flapping about with blood left, right and center. At this point pip was a little confused and looking at us like ‘can i have my food back yet’. Once Jenny arrived (we were at around 5 minutes since it had happened) we got amy into a smaller yard/stall and Jenny called the vet while i was frantically trying to call a good friend who works at a vet and the picture below is what we were looking at, at around the 10 minute mark


At around the 12-15 minute mark Jenny told me i needed to try and get some pressure onto it to stop the bleeding, i ran to my car and grabbed my helmet and without much confidence or trust in my baby girl i went head first and tried my best to put pressure onto her hoof. The blood wasn’t slowing down and as Jenny describes it “like pouring a cup of tea”, her blood was so hot and bright red and i went through steri pads like they were going out of fashion…

We hit the 20 minute mark and it was like something had come over me and i just grabbed her leg and began wrapping it with blood running all over my shoes, Jods and hands covered in it i just kept reassuring Amy with “its okay its just mumma” ” its okay mum is here” while Jenny held her and tried to talk to me and her to keep me calm. Believe it or not but the photo above was just the beginning, you would have thought i had killed someone there. At this point i was still in shock, as the vet arrived we hit the 25-30 minute mark. I began to get a little upset but still wasn’t completely mess i think that was due to the shock and adrenaline.. although i do think amy came out of the shock of it all and started to feel the pain and understand what was going on. Pip at this stage was standing around 5 meters away pooping like there was no tomorrow clearly she was very nervous and stressed about what was going on, she stayed in that spot the whole time the vet was there.

When the vet arrived he came right over and gave her something to sedate her, then if i recall right her gave her a nerve blocker just above the area and then tightly wrapped a tourniquet (a black rubber type bandage thats not a bandage type thing) which was to help stop the blood from coming down i think… he then washed it all out and had a look at what he was dealing with reassuringly telling us this is the worst one he has ever seen. He then checked the joint and flushed out the area with a needle. What we now know is that she cut through the coronary band, an artery and through her coffin joint, she was then stitched back together as best he could while she moved around, she was given more sedation as it was becoming hard and dangerous for him while he was working so close to her, he also ended up putting a twitch on her upper lip/nose which gave me a good giggle as she did look quite funny. The purpose of a twitch is for her to focus on that rather than everything else that is going on.

We are now at the 1 hour mark since it all happened, the vet wrapped her foot up and gave me and Jenny instructions on what to do from then on. He also gave the sentence all horse owners (and other pet owners) dread.


After minimal sleep i woke up and to be completely blunt and honest I didn’t want to go to the paddock.. in my heart i did but in my gut i honestly thought i would turn up to a dead horse, there is just no nice way to put that. At 9am on the 24/06/2018 the vet arrived and administered eritromisin and a few other drugs and asked me if i have had a think about the conversation that we had the day before. At this point in time amy wasn’t showing any signs of infection (lameness, swelling and heat) in fact she was putting all her weight on it. Jenny then met me at 5pm to administer her penicillin.


Monday the 25/06/2018 the vet arrived at the paddock at 6.30am to give her a few injections that only he can administer. We are now at day three being the 26/06/2018 the vet arrived at around 6.30am to change Amy’s dressings and look at the stitches.

(Picture quality wasn’t fantastic as this was at 6.30am it was still dark)


Wednesday the 27/06/2018 the vet arrived again at 6.30am the administer this last round of antibiotics, pain medication and such and then left me with some oral bute 5ml per day and to continue with the penicillin 20mls twice a day which Jenny has been helping to administer.


I had the day off so i decided to knock up some temporary yards for amy to go into while i cleaned out her little stall. I was intending on letting her stay in there for around and hour or so, so she could have some grass and a little roll but someone… AMY decided to spin around multiple times and kicking out so back into the small little stall it was.


Friday 29/06/2018 amy still has no lameness or swelling, our pour little pincushion as Jenny calls her, is still going strong. Her stall was becoming very yuck, stinking and starting to get muddy so i had some sand delivered from Newcomb sand and soil Torquay and with prompt delivery the sand arrived in the afternoon which meant i could make her living arrangements a little more comfortable at the same time giving Jenny a heart attack as the sound of the truck tipping the sound, sounded just like when amy kicked the shed.


One week since it all happened and amy had her dressing changed at 1.30pm by the vet, she was sedated and we got a good look at the stitches and the area, it looks to be healing really well and we still have no signs of infection, as we had no infection in the first five days we have less chance of infection from here on out BUT that doesn’t mean she cannot get and infection. I have now been instructed to finish the bottles of penicillin and continue the bute once a day and then start her onto ilium sulprim another antibiotic to help prevent infection etc which she will go on one day after finishing the penicillin having 2 1/2 scoops into her food twice a day.

Thankyou to everyone for all your prayers, thoughts and help. A special thanks to Jenny who has been more than helpful with everything and to the girls from across the road (Hannah and Charlotte) for checking on me and amy, making sure everything was okay and sorted.

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Since Saturday..

Since Saturday morning my brain hasn’t stopped running.

I’m feeling positive, I’m ahead of it all and then someone overtakes me I start to loose momentum, things begin to make less sense and hope begins to fade, Then I get a hit of positivity I start to gain back my momentum I overtake someone and then someone else I’m planning my victory in my head as I try to stay in control, Suddenly I trip and fall, my eyes fill with tears and all I can think of is what can go wrong rather than what can go right…

Since Saturday I have been running a marathon, a marathon of confusion, negativity and heartache.

Since Saturday i have been running a marathon but have been meet with so much support.

Since Saturday i have seen my girl go from strength to strength.

Since Saturday I’ve been holding my breath.

– Mariah Smyth

HVT Custom Designs

It goes without saying that anything horse related is expensive!

Now those who know me personally would know how I like things to match (most of the time). While I was searching online for saddle pads I came across an old post on Facebook about a page called HVT Custom Designs upon opening the page I spotted the words- “gear exactly how you want it”-D.Fuss

Umm hello who wouldn’t want to have horse riding gear made the way you want it?! I jumped straight over to messenger and got in contact with Danielle (the brains behind business) and we went from choosing a style and a pattern to nearly 2 weeks later receiving my beautiful handmade saddle pad which I fall in love with every time I put it on Amy!

There are so many patterns to choose from but what I loved was that Danielle lets you know what type of material she uses and you can actually go into spotlight and pick out your very own pattern send an image to Danielle and she works her magic from there! Danielle doesn’t just make saddle pads she makes boots, half pads, western pads and so much more so please be sure to go and check out her amazing workmanship it will all be linked down below.

*This post was in no way sponsored by HVT Custom Designs*

(All opinions are my own and I just want to share an amazing product/service with you all)