Princess Pip

7C93A78F-FA04-4061-BC22-5BC9178B0D0AHi my name is pip,

I am a chestnut quarter horse mare, The dentist estimated that I am around 19 years old because I have no brands to help identify me or my age.

I was left at a property many years ago but I had a lovely lady take me in but unfortunately her mares didn’t like me much so now I live with Amy, I think we are slowly becoming friends.

I also have what’s called stifle locking so I am only a companion but when I was to stretch my legs it never stops me I can gallop like I’m a young teen any day!


  • Carrots and bred
  • scratches
  • following Amy around


  • people approaching me (I must approach you)
  • Amy when she doesn’t share with me
  • Being alone