Meet the team

Amarooka Amy

Hi I’m Amy, I am 4 years old and 16.1hh I am a black brown standardbred mare with one white sock that’s not quite a sock. I LOVE Food Rolling in the dirt and mud A good scratch Peppermint treats My mum (most of the time) I DISLIKE apples and carrots Sharing my food Being … Continue reading Amarooka Amy

Princess Pip

Hi my name is pip, I am a chestnut quarter horse mare, The dentist estimated that I am around 19 years old because I have no brands to help identify me or my age. I was left at a property many years ago but I had a lovely lady take me in but unfortunately her … Continue reading Princess Pip

Julie Duffy

Julie Rehomes horses that have resigned from race duties, from race to ride – matching horse to home is Julie’s primary goal to ensure the relationship between the two has longevity. “Like a marriage they don’t all last but those that do will have a forever lasting bond.” “Choosing your partner is easy if they … Continue reading Julie Duffy

Mariah Smyth

Well as the title states my name is mariah, I am 21 years old and the owner of Amarooka Amy and Princess Pip. I am also the person behind the blog posts, the reason I started the blog was because no matter how much googling I did I could never find an answer that was … Continue reading Mariah Smyth