Skeeta & Imogen

Horse Info:

Name- Tooram Arrow (Skeeta)

Height- 15.1hh

Colour- Bay gelding

Age- 4 years old

Rider Info:

Name- Imogen

Age- 15 years old

Years of experience- 12 years

How did you get into riding?

Imogen fell in love with horses as a young girl spending lots of time at families friends farm whom had many horses, Imogen started to ride them and just couldn’t stop!

What do you love about skeeta?

Imogen describes skeeta as a beautiful and funny horse and that he gives absolutely everything a go.

What type of riding do you do together?

Imogen and Skeeta are currently eventing and participating in pony club. Cross country being their favourite.

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What’s one of your biggest achievements together?

Imogen and Skeeta’s biggest achievements so far is being brave.. you heard it being brave which wasn’t an easy road for Skeeta. When Imogen first got Skeeta she would have described him as a scaredy-cat in a horses body, he would be scared of anything and everything new jumps and even doing trot poles was almost impossible the key word there being ALMOST. Now Skeeta and Imogen are jumping and giving everything a try.

What has owning a standardbred taught you?

Imogen explains that owning a standardbred has taught her that any horse can do anything the rider and horse put their minds to. It has also shown her that Standardbreds are the most loving, kind, beautiful and reliable breed of horses she knows.

– Imogen & Skeeta

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