Ringo & Janette


Horse Info

Name- Fool to care (ringo)

Colour- black with 2 ankle socks and a white dot on his forehead

Height- 16hh

Rider Info

Name- Janette

Years of experience- Janette has been riding since she was and i quote “a mad keen teenage rider”.

How did you get into riding?

After a 27 year break raising her 3 children they have finally left the nest and Janette describes that she felt that she needed something for herself, Janette did a bit of research and discovered that many middle aged women are getting on Standardbreds and enjoying life after children and lots of hard work.

What do you love about Ringo?

Janette describes that she fell in love with his eyes and amazing forelock.

What type of riding do you do?

Janette used to do a lot of dressage riding and would love to get back into that but at the moment Ringo and Janette are hitting the trails together.

What’s one of your biggest achievements together so far?

Recently the two went on a camp out with their local riding group to Barmah forest this involved trekking through the bush and making their way through swamps passing by brumbies and swimming across creeks Janette adds “just lucky my sandwich was in a plastic bag”.

What has owning a Standardbred taught you?

Owning a standardbred has given Janette more sense of self, after having children and being a mother it has taught her to care for herself after 27 years of being the carer.

-Janette & Ringo

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