McPocket & Molly

Every girls dream is to get a pony for Christmas and well 12 year old Molly got just that!

Molly and McPocket first met in mid November from then on Molly did lessons on McPocket roughly once a week with Julie, Little did Molly know she was not just riding any horse she was riding her OWN horse.

On Saturday the 16th of December 2017 Molly was surprised by her family she wasn’t just getting a lesson from Julie but she was also getting her very own Secondchance standardbred!

Horse Info

Name- McPocket NZ

Age- 8 years old 20/12/09

Colour- Bay gelding

Height- 16.1hh

Rider Info

Name- Molly

Age- 12 years old

Years of experience- 2 years including holiday programs and lessons with Julie Duffy

So after a few lessons together and an almost instant bond I’ve asked Molly a few questions so we can see where this Duffs Designs graduate is now.

What do you love about McPocket?

McPocket has a funny lip quiver if he is getting in to trouble, he’s willing to learn and always tries his hardest, has a nice canter and really looks after me.


What type of riding do you do?

Trail riding, pony club, cross country, flat work and bareback around home.

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What’s one of your biggest achievements together so far?

There are a few, working our way up to jumping 65cms (I’ve never jumped a horse before owning Pocket), getting him to canter on both reins, going to our first show just 9 weeks after getting him and coming first in our first ridden class!

What has owning a standardbred taught you?

Owning a standardbred has taught me to never give up, and that they can be trained for any type of discipline. Patience with them. They are just like any other horse just been trained to have an extra gait. They are well mannered most of the time and take care of me while riding.


-Molly & McPocket

Thankyou so much Molly and Daneeta for allowing me to share your beautiful journey!

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If you live in Australia, Victoria and are looking for your next equine friend be sure to join Duffs Designs- Secondchance Standardbreds the link is on our ‘meet the team’ page under Julie Duffy

3 thoughts on “McPocket & Molly

  1. Sharyn Anderson says:

    Lovely story and great little rider with a super horse! My SB used to have the lip quiver too! (When he was unsure, he never got into trouble!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Daneeta Ede says:

    So well written, thankyou. Highly recommend Julie Duffy, without her Molly and Pocket wouldn’t have come as far as they have in such a short time together. Being her first horse it was very daunting choosing one but Julie guided and advised us well. So thankful x

    Liked by 1 person

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