What colour can you see?

I don’t know how it came about but I wondered the other day if horses see in colour or black and white.

Here’s what I discovered…

Horses do see in colour but not the vibrant colours that we see. Horses for one cannot see the colour red, however their eyes pick up the blue and green hues of all other colours this is called dichromatic vision, most mammals including horses, dogs and cats are dichromats, and yes you read right dogs do see colour!

Humans have what is called trichromatic vision allowing us to see in full colour we share this with several primates such as chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans but most fish also are trichromats.

Monochromatic vision is black, white and grey. As most of us know bulls are one animal that can only see in black and white but there are many other animals that share this vision including seals, sea lions, dolphins, whales, hamsters, raccoons and bats.


To Rug Or Not To Rug? -winter addition-

People rug their horses for all kinds of reasons BUT the most common mistake is rugging our horses because WE are feeling cold and well lets admit it, they are out babies and we don’t want them to feel even the lightest chill but we have to remember that they grow winter coats for this reason WINTER!

Types Of Rugs -winter addition-

  1. stable sheet (no fill and only worn inside)
  2. stable rug (has fill but not waterproof)
  3. turnout sheet (waterproof with no fill)
  4. turnout rug (waterproof with fill for warmth)
  5. Canvas wool lined (waterproof and wool for warmth)
  6. Canvas un lined (essentially a rain sheet but not synthetic material)


Why Rug?

  1. If your horse is stabled for most of the day or even night it is recommended to rug your horse even with just a stable rug (used for well you guessed it.. the stable) this is because when your horse is stabled they are unable to move around enough to warm themselves up that’s where the rug comes in handy.
  2. If your horse is underweight, old or sick it important to rug your horse to make sure they can keep as much of their energy for what you could call backups just incase there is a lot of rain and their rug gets really wet they can use that energy to keep warm.
  3. This one being fairly obvious but if your horse is clipped you should be rugging it.
  4. Rugging can also assist your horse in not growing out a large amount of it full and thick winter coat this is usually done by riders who are going to be participating in events during the colder months but do not wish to clip their horses.

Australian Temperature Guide 

Horses with a full winter coat can keep themselves warm in temperatures’ well below zero. Unlike humans who begin to feel the cold at temps as low as 12 degrees, horses critical temperature level (in which they can no longer exert energy to keep warm) is -7 degrees. below I will insert a table showing the recommended rugging for horses please remember this is only a guide and also directed towards horses in Australia. As a horse owner you should or should consider finding out how your horses is during our colder months finding out if your horse runs hot or not is vital in the rugging process. If you are not sure always remember it is better to UNDER rug than to OVER rug your horses and it is recommended to use a cotton sheet under your horses winter rugs not only because it makes it easier to keep the rug clean and free of horse hairs but it also helps to absorb your horses sweat if they are a horse that runs hot. This doesn’t mean that you should rug your hot running horse with a cotton sheet and a heavy winter rug but gives you piece of mind during the process of working out what types of rugs work best for your horse that you are helping to avoid them overheating in that process.

rule of thumb is if your horse is sweating under their winter rug is probably way to heavy for them. unlike us when we want to keep warm we usually go for a nice heavy blanket or coat but a horse will actually consume hay to help keep their body warm and also run around enough to keep itself nice and warm. If your horse is clearly shivering and its ears are cold than this is a sign that they are in fact cold and do need rugging but again each horse is different.

You will also need to consider the weather conditions.

For example (the following again is my own opinion and what I do with MY horses)

On a sunny day with no breeze and no forecasted rain I let the girls run naked.. this being 15 degrees and above.

On a slightly sunny/cloudy day with a light breeze and forecasted rain I will rug both girls with a no fill rain sheet (turnout rug) the weather being 15 degrees or above (it gets fairly windy where we are and the girls have no protection unless they are willing to walk into the wind to get to their shelter..)

On days lower than 12 degrees I will rug PIP in a winter rug (220gram fill) with a cotton sheet under as pip seems to be fine and doesn’t run hot unlike Amy who I will keep in a rain sheet unless we have heavy rain then I will put her in a winter rug which is also 220gram fill which is way to warm for her but at the moment its all I have and I really only use it if it has been raining for most of the day and I feel she needs a little something over night.

For a horse like pip (19 rising ) overnight I like to put her winter rug on but Amy will continue to wear her rain sheet again unless it is pouring with rain and then I will have her winter rug on if it is wet and under 6 degrees.

An added note in which I hear recently is that if you go onto your phones weather app and read the temperature it will usually say for example:

outside temp is 10.3 degrees

feels like 5.5 degrees..

if the feels like temperature is any more than 2 degrees lower than the actual temperature it is best to go by the feels like temp.

Apparently we are in for a warmer winter than usual so fingers crossed there will be more riding on the agenda for myself and Amy.

On a high note its day 2 of winter and it hasn’t been that bad I’m loving the sunshine and so are the girls! it was definitely a no rug kind of day here..

*All information was sourced via google, blogs saddleries and books mashed into my own words… none of this is 100% accurate and purely my own opinion and understanding going by my horses and my own knowledge*

Barefoot And Beautiful..

Story/rant time..

Have you ever left your horses feet a little to long? Have you ever put of picking them out because they can be fussy and down right disrespectful? Well lets not lie we all have.

Unfortunately there was a few weeks where i really struggled to pick out Amy’s feet she is so strong and i lost a lot of confidence when she would snatch it back and push me around. I should have kept it up but I didn’t. Then i had our farrier continue to cancel on me over 6 times within a few weeks, i searched around for other farriers but the one i was using was fantastic, well priced and happy to come out early in the morning to fit in with my working hours. Finally locked him down to then get a message the night before saying that he actually wont be coming out as he thought it was two horses feet to be done not just the one… originally i had told him that i would like both Pip and Amy’s feet doing but Pip actually looks after her own feet some how she chips them away and leaves them looking perfect but due to her past she is also hard to get near even i struggle some days so i let him know from the first message that i would let him know how she is doing to day before to see if we could get her feet done as I didn’t want to stress her out for no reason, so when i messaged him that night i just let him know that she was a little hard to catch that night and wasn’t worth the stress and that’s when he decided it wasn’t worth doing just one horse… Talk about only being in it for the money.

The next morning rolled around and he showed up 15 minutes late, and had the nerve to say and i quote “well you left them a little to long this time round didn’t you”… well that was it i wanted Amy to kick him one! The whole reason she had super long feet was because he kept cancelling me and I couldn’t get ahold of anyone else. But karma came around and as i was leaving the paddock i found $2 on the top of the mud and then another $1 near the gate! Take that buddy ahahaha i think its safe to say that next time i will be finding someone else to do Amy’s feet.

After the tiny guilt trip the farrier and my brain gave me i decided no long would she pull this stupid snatching business i googled everything possible to try and see how i could ‘trick’ her into letting me do her feet.. Then we had success! And I’m happy to say after so many tears, frustration and sore arms i have picked out Amy’s feet 2 days running with snatching only on her front feet but i have picked them out and i am so proud of myself and her but mainly myself!

If anyone has trouble picking out their horses feet let me know, I’d love to do a little ‘how to’ post or different strategies to help you and your horse to hoof picking success.

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Huds And Toke- Horse Bix Review

Okay so do you ever go into your local saddlery find what you need and leave? Well if you do I think you need to see a doctor.. are you feeling okay? Because no one ever goes in and leaves with what they needed, this was me the other day in Horseland.

Amy will only eat the snack it treats that are meant for the snack it ball, she hates carrots and apples and so I thought I’d try this treat. With Amy in mind I marched on down to the shed where the girls were munching away at their hay offered Amy some, with one sour look Amy dropped them out of her mouth and walked off… naturally in the horse world there is no five second rule so Pip ventured over and scoffed them up.. sharing is caring right?

Now pip loves a good carrot 🥕 but I don’t have them on hand every time I need to catch her so not only has pip been less nervous around me the last few days but she has been much easier to catch thanks to these treats!

] ] ] ]

These Huds and Toke horse bix are all Australian made with real apple!


-whole grain wheat


-apple sugar


-apple cider vinegar

They also state that they are designed specifically for our horses sensitive taste buds and for under $7 who wouldn’t want to give them a try?!

(This post was in no way sponsored by Huds and Toke horse bix, all opinions are my own)

HVT Custom Designs

It goes without saying that anything horse related is expensive!

Now those who know me personally would know how I like things to match (most of the time). While I was searching online for saddle pads I came across an old post on Facebook about a page called HVT Custom Designs upon opening the page I spotted the words- “gear exactly how you want it”-D.Fuss

Umm hello who wouldn’t want to have horse riding gear made the way you want it?! I jumped straight over to messenger and got in contact with Danielle (the brains behind business) and we went from choosing a style and a pattern to nearly 2 weeks later receiving my beautiful handmade saddle pad which I fall in love with every time I put it on Amy!

There are so many patterns to choose from but what I loved was that Danielle lets you know what type of material she uses and you can actually go into spotlight and pick out your very own pattern send an image to Danielle and she works her magic from there! Danielle doesn’t just make saddle pads she makes boots, half pads, western pads and so much more so please be sure to go and check out her amazing workmanship it will all be linked down below.


*This post was in no way sponsored by HVT Custom Designs*

(All opinions are my own and I just want to share an amazing product/service with you all)

My top 10 summer/autumn essentials horse and rider

Here are my top 10 summer and autumn essentials for horses and riders!

Horse essentials

  • Bot fly knife– *you can always use scissors but just be careful like a bot fly knife they are sharp*
  • Fly spray– * buy home brand surface spray and spray on and around the tummy and back of your horse (AVOID the eyes and sensitive areas)*
  • Spare worming paste
  • Fly mask
  • Spray bottle– *fill the bottle with water and give your horse a refreshing spray around the face*

Rider essentials

  • Sun screen
  • Light long sleeve top
  • Cap/hat– *picking up poo in the heat isn’t fun especially when you get burnt if your like me sun screen just isn’t enough*
  • Bulk bottled water– *leave it at the paddock and if you ever forget a drink bottle you know you’ll have some water near*
  • Old hand towel– *when your super hot dunk the towel in some water and wring it out, put it over your shoulders and you’ll thank me later!*

Oh SHIT.. (update)

Well after my shitful weekend I arrived at the paddock to more sharting and runny poop everywhere!

Finally I received an email back from the supplier stating that the bale should be fine, I told him about the sharting (in more appropriate terms) and that this shouldn’t be happening and that I expected for $80 that the product would be of higher quality! To cut the story short I got my money back and he had people out to collect the bale and all the loose hay it took them over an hour 10 minutes to collect the hay and the other 50 minutes going on about how there is nothing wrong with the bale how they sell so many etc..

Straight after a lovely farmer delivered a new bale for the girls! Only $50 and no delivery fee so let’s hope the girls enjoy this bale to help save me some money 😂

Another update just been to the paddock and their poo is more formed yay for no more sharting!! 💩🤦🏽‍♀️