My name is mariah and I am the owner of a beautiful Secondchance Standardbred Amarooka Amy and also the owner or Princess Pip Amy’s paddock mate.

I never grew up around horses and never rode any until June 2017, I was persuaded by a client of mine to go horse riding with her and every since I had loved it. I then noticed the total cost of having lessons weekly on just a school horse and decided that I would buy my own horse, that’s when I came across Julie Duffy who is the owner of DUFFS DESIGNS- Secondchance Standardbreds. You can read about Julie on our ‘meet the team’ page and there is also a link to her Facebook group which is definitely worth following.

since owning a horse I have changed so much, I am more confident and less dependant on everyone else for conversation and interaction, in 2014 I was diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and anxiety having Amy and Pip gives me something to look forward to every single day they are my home away from home and they are how I de brief after a hard day at work.

This blog is just for some fun, I find I ask and think a lot of silly things that are horse related and I always have a good laugh at myself after but I figure that there are many other older beginner horse riders and owners out there that might like to follow our journey and laugh with me along the way.