Week Three, Four & Five -Amy’s Injury-

I’m going to cut straight to the chase as it has taken me forever just to get this post up hence why there are three weeks in the one update..

Week Three

Amy was doing fantastic no swelling and she finished all her antibiotics, our vet came out on the Saturday (14/07/18) and took out her stitches and re wrapped her foot, leaving it all up to me now. He made me re trot her up and told me she is sound and should be rideable. she has now been sentenced to another 2 months in her little area and is allowed 30 minute walks daily to be able to graze.

Below are the pictures of her foot after the stitches were taken out.

Week Four

Amy still doing great and healing well, with the vet overseas i decided to change her bandage/dressing as it was getting wet and yucky upon changing it i found this (picture below) on the back where the duck tape was rubbing, she wasn’t in any pain but it made me worry as it was soft and squishy.

Charlotte helped me to re dress it and i put a steri pad on the new wound and the original wound and wrapped it like the vet usually would.

After further discussion with many other people most were saying to uncover it and let it harden as the hoof could collapse if it gets too soft, therefore creating more problems for amy and myself I decided to take it all off and wrap is as pictured below.


Week Five

After letting my mind run wild I decided to get another vet out to check her wound and after all that he just wrapped it and said it would be fine until our normal vet is back out again. Amy has been so fantastic over the course of this last month and so i have been treating her to a bit of free grazing… just don’t tell my vet that.. when i am letting her free graze i am allowing her to wounded around in the larger part of the holding pen area and she is doing wonderful, every now and then she decides to have a little kick around and such but she is very gentle and cautious of her foot when doing so and when she is done she just returns to her little cell.


Today (28/07/2018) I changed her dressing again and her new wound is starting to look a little better and a tad less squishy. The green in the photos below is just the gel/cream stuff that helps with the wound.




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