Barefoot And Beautiful..

Story/rant time..

Have you ever left your horses feet a little to long? Have you ever put of picking them out because they can be fussy and down right disrespectful? Well lets not lie we all have.

Unfortunately there was a few weeks where i really struggled to pick out Amy’s feet she is so strong and i lost a lot of confidence when she would snatch it back and push me around. I should have kept it up but I didn’t. Then i had our farrier continue to cancel on me over 6 times within a few weeks, i searched around for other farriers but the one i was using was fantastic, well priced and happy to come out early in the morning to fit in with my working hours. Finally locked him down to then get a message the night before saying that he actually wont be coming out as he thought it was two horses feet to be done not just the one… originally i had told him that i would like both Pip and Amy’s feet doing but Pip actually looks after her own feet some how she chips them away and leaves them looking perfect but due to her past she is also hard to get near even i struggle some days so i let him know from the first message that i would let him know how she is doing to day before to see if we could get her feet done as I didn’t want to stress her out for no reason, so when i messaged him that night i just let him know that she was a little hard to catch that night and wasn’t worth the stress and that’s when he decided it wasn’t worth doing just one horse… Talk about only being in it for the money.

The next morning rolled around and he showed up 15 minutes late, and had the nerve to say and i quote “well you left them a little to long this time round didn’t you”… well that was it i wanted Amy to kick him one! The whole reason she had super long feet was because he kept cancelling me and I couldn’t get ahold of anyone else. But karma came around and as i was leaving the paddock i found $2 on the top of the mud and then another $1 near the gate! Take that buddy ahahaha i think its safe to say that next time i will be finding someone else to do Amy’s feet.

After the tiny guilt trip the farrier and my brain gave me i decided no long would she pull this stupid snatching business i googled everything possible to try and see how i could ‘trick’ her into letting me do her feet.. Then we had success! And I’m happy to say after so many tears, frustration and sore arms i have picked out Amy’s feet 2 days running with snatching only on her front feet but i have picked them out and i am so proud of myself and her but mainly myself!

If anyone has trouble picking out their horses feet let me know, I’d love to do a little ‘how to’ post or different strategies to help you and your horse to hoof picking success.

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