Huds And Toke- Horse Bix Review

Okay so do you ever go into your local saddlery find what you need and leave? Well if you do I think you need to see a doctor.. are you feeling okay? Because no one ever goes in and leaves with what they needed, this was me the other day in Horseland.

Amy will only eat the snack it treats that are meant for the snack it ball, she hates carrots and apples and so I thought I’d try this treat. With Amy in mind I marched on down to the shed where the girls were munching away at their hay offered Amy some, with one sour look Amy dropped them out of her mouth and walked off… naturally in the horse world there is no five second rule so Pip ventured over and scoffed them up.. sharing is caring right?

Now pip loves a good carrot 🥕 but I don’t have them on hand every time I need to catch her so not only has pip been less nervous around me the last few days but she has been much easier to catch thanks to these treats!

] ] ] ]

These Huds and Toke horse bix are all Australian made with real apple!


-whole grain wheat


-apple sugar


-apple cider vinegar

They also state that they are designed specifically for our horses sensitive taste buds and for under $7 who wouldn’t want to give them a try?!

(This post was in no way sponsored by Huds and Toke horse bix, all opinions are my own)


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