HVT Custom Designs

It goes without saying that anything horse related is expensive!

Now those who know me personally would know how I like things to match (most of the time). While I was searching online for saddle pads I came across an old post on Facebook about a page called HVT Custom Designs upon opening the page I spotted the words- “gear exactly how you want it”-D.Fuss

Umm hello who wouldn’t want to have horse riding gear made the way you want it?! I jumped straight over to messenger and got in contact with Danielle (the brains behind business) and we went from choosing a style and a pattern to nearly 2 weeks later receiving my beautiful handmade saddle pad which I fall in love with every time I put it on Amy!

There are so many patterns to choose from but what I loved was that Danielle lets you know what type of material she uses and you can actually go into spotlight and pick out your very own pattern send an image to Danielle and she works her magic from there! Danielle doesn’t just make saddle pads she makes boots, half pads, western pads and so much more so please be sure to go and check out her amazing workmanship it will all be linked down below.


*This post was in no way sponsored by HVT Custom Designs*

(All opinions are my own and I just want to share an amazing product/service with you all)


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