My top 10 summer/autumn essentials horse and rider

Here are my top 10 summer and autumn essentials for horses and riders!

Horse essentials

  • Bot fly knife– *you can always use scissors but just be careful like a bot fly knife they are sharp*
  • Fly spray– * buy home brand surface spray and spray on and around the tummy and back of your horse (AVOID the eyes and sensitive areas)*
  • Spare worming paste
  • Fly mask
  • Spray bottle– *fill the bottle with water and give your horse a refreshing spray around the face*

Rider essentials

  • Sun screen
  • Light long sleeve top
  • Cap/hat– *picking up poo in the heat isn’t fun especially when you get burnt if your like me sun screen just isn’t enough*
  • Bulk bottled water– *leave it at the paddock and if you ever forget a drink bottle you know you’ll have some water near*
  • Old hand towel– *when your super hot dunk the towel in some water and wring it out, put it over your shoulders and you’ll thank me later!*

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