Oh SHIT.. (update)

Well after my shitful weekend I arrived at the paddock to more sharting and runny poop everywhere!

Finally I received an email back from the supplier stating that the bale should be fine, I told him about the sharting (in more appropriate terms) and that this shouldn’t be happening and that I expected for $80 that the product would be of higher quality! To cut the story short I got my money back and he had people out to collect the bale and all the loose hay it took them over an hour 10 minutes to collect the hay and the other 50 minutes going on about how there is nothing wrong with the bale how they sell so many etc..

Straight after a lovely farmer delivered a new bale for the girls! Only $50 and no delivery fee so let’s hope the girls enjoy this bale to help save me some money 😂

Another update just been to the paddock and their poo is more formed yay for no more sharting!! 💩🤦🏽‍♀️


2 thoughts on “Oh SHIT.. (update)

  1. Michelle says:

    That’s great news about them collecting the bale and loose hay. I’m glad you found your voice and stuck up for yourself. Did your inspect the second bale before purchase?

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