DIY Tyre Feeder

Well it’s time for a DIY!

I constantly see these for sale on Facebook and the paddock Amy and pip are in have loads of tyres laying around so I thought I’d give it a go.

Step One:

You’ll need a tyre..

Step Two:

To ensure the tyre can be used place your knee on the tyre and press down it should go in with ease like in the picture, once you have done this go around the tyre with a stanly knife .Step Three:

Grab your stanly knife (I used two different ones, doesn’t matter) then start with a small section just dragging the knife back a fourth until it goes through and continue this until the whole piece comes off.

Step Four:

I’m going to insert a link below of a video I watched as I have no clue how to explain this part. The video rambles so jump to 5.12 to get the part you need, warning the guy makes it look easy but it took me over 1.5 hours to get the bloody thing inside out and I had sweat dripping off my face 😂

Step Five:

Once you have gotten it inside out use the top part to trace around some rubber (I used Lino but recommend rubber)then cut this out and place the tyre onto of it.

Step Six:

Once the inside out tyre is on top of your rubber fix the tyre to the rubber using a screw (I had wood under my lino so the screw had something to go into) again I recommend getting a small bolt I just didn’t have an electric driver.

The results:

Pip didn’t push her food over! I didn’t get a picture of Amy because well we all know she is protective of her food!!


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