Well this weekend has been very shitful.. pardon the pun.

My usual farmer who delivers my clover/rye round bales for $80 was not answering so after over 6 days of waiting endless messages i gave in to the two sad faces staring at the ground in the shed looking at the large empty space that is usually filled with lushness and yummy hay.

I opted to go with an actual business who were great and very friendly prompt with delivery BUT I didn’t know what their product was like this was shitty mistake Number 1

I usually role the 500kg bale down to the shed as i worry that due to not knowing what’s hidden in the grass and blanket weeds in that area I don’t want to be responsible for damage to their vehicles this resulted in mistake Number 2…

As i rolled the bale down to the shed i started to go on a diagonal and not a good one, I saved it from going over which would have been a nightmare to get back onto its side, through the huffing and puffy and the horses staring at me like “hurry up mum we want our food” it stopped..

The bale was stuck in a ditch and there was no getting it out myself. With two horses death staring me i called mum for help, help arrived and we got the bale into the shed the horses were happy and i was happy.

After pottering around the paddock for a while cleaning up you guessed it POO i went down to remove the wrapping from around the bale only to discover a dreadful smell wet hay and further in mold. I was supper shitty not only had i spent $80 but i had to pick through the bale to make sure they didn’t eat the moldy parts. Messages back and fourth to my mum and Julie resulted in me calling and messaging the business whom i got the following reply- “Hi Mariah… as they have been stored outside (as all round bales are) this is the part that sits on the ground and will absorb moisture, the rest of the bale however, will be fine.” (Well no shit!) So i continued to pull it apart as I didn’t want to waste my money and certainly didn’t want the horses pooping and peeing all over the good stuff, i then found dry poo and a lot of it!

So that was my shitful Saturday but then to turn up to this (video below) made my shitful Saturday look like a walk in the park. Now i pick up the girls poo every few days but this was the aftermath of my shitty mistake Number 1..

Because i never went to check the bale before buying it i never realised it wasn’t going to be the same as the usual I don’t know what it is but thinking just grass rounds.. I’m no expert but anyway lets just say i thought only humans could shart… now if you don’t know what sharting is here is the low down.. its a mixture between shit and fart, this happens when involuntarily shit when you were really just trying to have an incident quiet ‘nobody heard that’ moment. Well the paddock was a shart party today and clearly I wasn’t informed about it let alone invited!

Runny poop and horses sharting left right and Center and i still had to catch pip to give her, her next strangles needle Amy was great she stood there but pip decided it was on for young and old backing up to try and kick me, only young won in the end she feel for my trap and she ended up getting a much needed brush and detangle of her tail this is mistake Number 3.

If you haven’t already guessed it yes during the shart party the girls clearly didn’t care that they sharted and didn’t bother to clean up after themselves, when i brushed pips tale and then scratched an itch on my face well let’s just say i really hit shit bottom..


2 thoughts on “Oh SHIT…

  1. Michelle says:

    Tomorrow will be a better day and at least they got back to you. So my guess is the top of the bake as we left it was in fact the base in the paddock? Is the rest of the bale ok?

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