“Should my horses leg look like this”…

Well one of my more let’s say embarrassing silly moments was the other day.

I was walking up to the front of the paddock and came across Amy with her leg out (the picture below)

I message Julie in absolute panic and also pips old owner asking if Amy’s leg should look like this… after a few minutes both replied with “no looks normal to me”… well I felt like the biggest idiot but had a good laugh at myself her leg was just fully extended!

Trust Amy to decide to lay in a different way when I was around the paddock running slightly late for work!!

In my defence Amy always lays down like a curled up puppy so to me I was shocked it was full panic stations 😂

2 seconds later she decided to have a good old roll

What has your horse/s done that was totally normal but you panicked like crazy?


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