How I Got My Food Aggressive Mare To Share…

When Amy went from being with many horses to one horse then to none she became very food aggressive if I was around her food. when pip arrived I didn’t expect Amy to be so protective over the large round bale.

Amy wouldn’t even stand for pip to make eye contact with her quickly resulting in loads of ear pinning, charging and plenty of warning nips from Amy. it was so hard to see Amy like this knowing that pip had come from a loving home but had the same trouble with other mares, my motherly instinct kicked in and I had to solve the problem ASAP!

Being the self proclaimed ‘Duff’s Designs DIY Queen’ I went straight to my trusty pallets that I got for $10 each I pushed the round bale into the middle of the shed and then placed a pallet in front to divide the shed in two. I then got some $6 curtains from Kmart and some old plastic clothesline string and then threaded the line through the curtains and placed it up so that the bale was only half visible for Amy and same for pip.


Pip was very cautious but it did begin to work, within 2 days they were eating from the same round bale without any problems but I was nervous that Amy may come around to pips side and then pip would be cornered, so the next evening when they were eating on their separate sides I pulled the curtain slightly to the side so Amy and pip could see each other eating. Amy started to pin her ears back and pip would only eat from the outside but that seemed to work.


I then pulled down the curtain after about 5 days and they didn’t seem to have to many problems.

Then I ran into a problem…

The round bale started to fall as they were slowly finishing it off so I removed the pallets and left them to work it out like real women or mares in their case.


2 days later I arrived at the paddock to find my two beautiful mares sharing the same bale in the same space without any issues.



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